Welcome to the Sydenham Lake Association

The Sydenham Lake Association is a group of volunteers that work to keep your lake system–Sydenham, Eel Bay, Little Long and Bullseye–the way you want it through:

  • Community Building
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Member Advocacy

Over the past 12 years we have:

  • Secured over $50,000 in funding and completed our Lake Plan
  • Continually monitored our water quality
  • Engaged with other stakeholders, such as the Township and the Conservation Authority
  • Taken aerial photos of most properties on the lake (available to members)
  • Held annual social events
  • Mapped the lake, including depths

If you are interested in volunteering we are always looking for help with:

  • Sub-committee to address the recommendations of our Lake Plan
  • Water testing
  • Social events
  • Guest speaker series; e.g. financial planning, cottage security, wildlife/birding, etc.
  • Other ideas

If you want to help out please contact the Sydenham Lake Association.