2022 Annual General Meeting

The following are points for concern raised by members at the 2022 AGM. Each topic is has an accompanying thread to facilitate further discussions.

  • Debris in the Lake / Clear-Cutting:
    • A reminder to all SLA members that clear cutting is permitted 100 feet from the lake and more, not within 100 feet from the lake
    • Also, please avoid putting any left over construction wood and trees in the lake - these end up making their way to the dam and clogging water flow on both sides of the dam
  • AGM format:
    • A number of members commented that they liked the AGM being held outdoors
    • We’d like to get feedback in general on what the members liked and did not like about this AGM and what they’d like to see done differently, including having or not having food at the AGM
      • Two members commented on this
      • The split was 50/50: one wanted a BBQ at the AGM and the other said the BYOF idea was the way to go
  • Speed boats on the lake:
    • Some members commented that they are too fast and too loud
    • What can we do to address preventing them from coming to the lake
  • Be Kind to Your Neighbour (Light and Music Pollution):
    • Lights and Music: Where possible, avoid outdoor lights being on at or near the lake, and if they are on, point them toward the ground to minimize the light pollution as this impacts others on the lake who can see the lights
    • One member said South Frontenac Township may have a “Dark Sky” by-law on lights?
  • A Boat Launch on Eel Bay side of Sydenham Lake:
    • Water levels/Boat Launch:
      • There was a 80/20 split on lake water being too high (80%), and too low (20%)
    • Those on the “too high” side tended to live or cottage on Eel Bay and Little Long Lake and said the high water level significantly delays them launching their boat, as they are forced to launch on the south side of the bridge and many can’t get their boat under the bridge until late in the season